At the beginning of break, I went to a Cambridge study program to review my IB material, in this program I took the opportunity to take a skills class the first week. In my head I thought, a leadership skills class and my CAS project, a perfect match. Being the managers of a Youth center is a big role, I have to set an example for the youths and be a good leader for the community, so what better way to improve my leadership skills than to take a class about it. So I took the class and learned all about how to be a good leader, some of the key points I learned from this was: Being honest, honesty isn’t always easy to deal with but a great leader is honest with its audience and acknowledges the positive and negative. The other important attribute is being confident. When someone is confident it allows others to trust your actions because your demonstrating that you know what your doing. While I learnt many more things those are the 2 that I feel like I can apply to my life, but certainly to my CAS project. This is where balance was created because I allowed this improved skill to apply to my everyday life, but also to my project. Through this I have learned how important it is to keep a balanced life. More specifically this break has been by far the most balanced break because IB has taught me how to use my time efficiently and set my priorities. Overall this experience created a shift in my perspective and I learnt more in that class than I ever expected I could. This experience will benefit me greatly and I hope I can influence and teach others some of the skills I have learned.


Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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