brainstorming ideas

What are your ideas for your project? 

  • Building a nice space like a stage for dancers to be able to express themselves and know that space is always free 
  • Yearbook project

Why do they make sense? 

I like dancing which is why I would maybe want it to be my project because as a dancer I know there isn’t currently a space for us to show our dances and I think it would be a pretty cool idea to solve that.

I also love the yearbook project because I’ve always wanted to do that since I find it interesting and a different type of project that also involves fundraising activities and designing. I like that you also get to create a group of people from other grades to help you as well.

Why do they not make sense? 

The stage building sounds a bit hard since we need a space and a lot of money and funds to create the whole stage and let it be successful.

The yearbook has been a project for years so I don’t see it not making sense because I have seen it be successful. I just have to figure out how it really works and what you specifically have to do.

What are the barriers to making it successful?

Mostly funds for the dance stage because it’s a pretty big project that will need lots of prep and money.

The year book can be unsuccessful if we don’t use our time wisely and get enough funds.


What are your strengths that make this possible?

I try my best with the projects which I think will be necessary and also both projects need attention and socializing with the community around and the school in general which I like.

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