Business plan opening activity

Understanding a business plan is instrumental in planning a project.

Here is an opening activity to do with students to get them thinking about their strengths. It helps them celebrate some attributes that they already have. This gives them confidence to move forward.


* Students will understand the role of entrepreneurship and intrapraneurship in business activity.

* Students will be able to identify the reasons for starting a business and the common steps involved and problems that they might encounter.

* Students will be able to analyze and start creating a business plan.



ENTREPRENEUR: a person who plans, organizes and manages a business, taking on financial risks in doing so.

INTRAPRENEUR: an employee who thinks and acts as an entrepreneur within a section of the organization.

BUSINESS PLAN: a document that include the goals and objectives for a new business with an outlined plan on how these targets will be accomplished.

What Do You Do With An Idea By Kobi Yamada

What are the connections to entrepreneurship that you can see from this children’s book?

Spark: Are you an entrepreneur?

What do you think about the result?

Words that describe an entrepreneur:

* Innovative

* Commitment

* Multi-skilled

* Leadership

* Confidence

* Risk-taker

Words that describe an intrapreneur:

* Independent

* Proactive

* Creative

* Takes responsibility

Choose the word that you believe most closely relates to you. When did you exhibit this characteristic? What was the outcome?

Have a friend choose a word for you and explain why they chose that word. Have them give a specific example.

If the teacher feels comfortable with the class, I find that it is fun if I go around the room and choose a word for them and explain why. Only do that if you can do it for all the students.

Partner with another student.

Talk about your partner’s successes or challenges that stood out to you. Can you connect these experiences they described to being an entrepreneur?

The mini entrepreneur discussion: 

Videos online:–z5sW0ues&ab_channel=TheAbraajGroup

The language is somewhat difficult to understand but the closed captions help.

Why become an entrepreneur according to the videos?

Closing activity:

What does entrepreneurship mean to you. Write in your own words.

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