CAS night Beachnuts booth

For CAS night we have to set up a booth for one of our projects. Since I have two projects I am choosing one. I would love to share my solo project but it does not need any community support so I am going to make a booth about the Beach Nuts theater production. The process for them has only begun and the only thing that they have defined is what play they are presenting and a rough date for the presentation, either in February or March. They have done around 4 weeks of practice and we have only been teaching them for 2. Because of the little information that I have and the few classes I have taught (meaning we have little video material) it’s going to be extremely difficult to make an engaging booth where we can inform/interest the community about the play. Another challenge is that I have been communicating with Kristi who is helping with the play but Paul the director is not in Costa Rica and will not be coming till January which makes it more difficult to define details and explain the expected goals for the play. My last challenge is that my partner in the project is not willing to set up the booth with me because they want to focus on their other math tutoring project. This means that I have to summarize and present both of our work without her help. If I do end up setting up a booth I have to present the hypothetical goals that someone else may have for the production and the work that I have done with the actors in the last two weeks. I also have to be very clear that not everything is defined yet and people should be excited to see the play in 4 months but they should also not rely extremely on the information that I am giving them as there is a high possibility for changes in the future.

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