CAS Night Set-Up

- What is your project and your role in the process? Flamingo Basketball Clinics is a program for kids that can’t afford basketball training but still wish to participate in a team. I am the sole worker that manages both the operations and marketing of the program. I come up with the exercises and teach the kids while advertising the program on social media and working with low-income families in the local community.   - What purpose does it serve - how does it affect/impact our community? FBC is designed to teach local kids between 7-14 how to play basketball with a team-first attitude and competitive edge in a fun, energetic basketball environment; teaching students to set goals, work hard and achieve success both on and off the court. It as well offers kids a healthy outlet for them to release stress and emotions.   - What do you need in order to achieve these goals? Mention measurable aspects in which the community can support you FBC needs more equipment to make the experience more accessible for scholarship students. As of right now, we have 3 basketballs and some cones: ideally we’d like to have enough basketballs for each student to have one, enough cones to do increasingly complex exercises, agility ladders to help train footwork, air pumps to keep the basketballs inflated, and general maintenance tools for the up keeping of the court. I have to clean and manage the basketball court myself, so items like a broom and dustpan would be much a huge help. I as well provide transportation for the scholarship kids, which becomes costly over time. Donations of cash or the items themselves would be a huge step forward to give underprivileged kids the program they need to learn vital life skills.

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