CAS progress and ATL’s

My focus for this trimester is to choreograph for two different projects. At the moment I am working on the first project weekly which is creating a competition solo for Nadia. We are almost finished with the choreography and then I will be refining it. For this project I am using the ATL of social. Choreographing a solo requires me to collaborate with the dancer I am creating for. I have to work closely with her and communicate effectively with her so that my vision for the solo is executed and she is learning as much as possible. The social aspect also helps us connect and enjoy our time at the studio together. The second project that I have is choreographing for a theater production alongside Ava. We have not started with them just yet but we have had constant communication, which is the ATL used in this project. The communication phase is super important for this project because Ava and I aren't the ones in charge, we are working for the theater company and we have to follow their vision and plan for the play. Along with messaging each other we have also set a time for a zoom call in the upcoming weeks to define their expectations for us.  The communication phase is something used in all aspects of life and every time that I communicate with people for an event or project I am learning and improving my skills. For example I thought of the idea of having a zoom meeting with the Beachnuts theater because we had one with Celebrate the Beat this weekend. And sending emails gets easier. When I was in the student government I wrote a lot of emails to administration and because of that I can now write a professional email for every occasion.

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  1. MissAmy

    October 9, 2022

    Excellent demonstration of your learning. Sending emails does get easier! And you are doing what you love with your project and it shows in your dedication.

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