Cepia Summer camp

We have just finished our summer camp for the Cepia kids. The camp lasted 3 days and each day was three hours before lunch. The camp was a great success. We had kids that took the classes from us in the previous trimester participating along with some new kids including boys. Throughout the camp we incorporated many different dance styles and played several games such as freeze dance musical stars and a memory movement game. Each day the kids were eager to participate and super excited to be there, and after the three days were over we could see a great improvement. Ava, Alexa and I were super happy to have taught them it was also a learning experience for us. The clip above is a jazz combo that we taught them and you can see how excited they get after they dance it because it was one of the first times that they all got it right. This is just one of the many happy experiences that we had throughout the week.

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