Competition weekend

This journal entry marks the end of our CAS project where we choreographed solos for the juniors on our studios competition team. The weekend was amazing. The entire studio was able to learn and experience so many new things. The dancer that I choreographed for did an amazing job. She is a great performer and great onstage. There were some challenges that she had to overcome. The music started earlier than she expected and that affected her timing for the rest of the dance. After the performance she got into her head and was convinced that she messed up her entire solo. But that was not true although she was off time and missed a trick she performed the solo better than she ever has and did not, for a second, let anyone know that she had messed up on the dance, the judges barely noticed. She ended up receiving 6th place overall junior solos which is amazing for the competition that she has and I am extremely happy and proud of her.

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