Conservation is dedication!

This month has been an amazing month for lion conservation and our efforts to continue supporting the communities that live with predators. Firstly we were awarded a grant that will allow us to build 24 kraals in high risk areas. On the back of this we were also informed that our friends at CRREAL and their friends secured a further 8 kraals. This support will go a long way to protecting Namibia's Desert Lions and reducing conflict between humans and lions. It reminds us that are out in the field that dedication pays off and support from people around the globe will assist us in our efforts to save the wild ones, through experiential story telling one can make a difference. Dedication does support conservation! Thanks to all for the continued support!

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  1. Cathy Babcook

    November 25, 2022

    Sharing CRREAL donor JJ’s generosity with Jason (Ultimate Safaris) is right up there with the most satisfying experiences I’ve had. These collective efforts are so inspiring and enrich the lives of all of us Nature beings!

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