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*Just a quick heads up, this journal entry will be a little shorter so you have time to read a few of the attachments*

Hello friends, we’re back with another installment in Semi-guided thoughts with Sam, and today I am incredibly excited to tell you about how I have demonstrated my creativity this summer, with something that exercises my brain and will certainly help me down the road. This creative exercise also taught me about motivation and the importance of doing things in your life that inspire you and spark creativity, no matter what other people may say or think about them. Now, for a bit of backstory: Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve had an incredibly active imagination, with most of that activity being expressed in the form of stories, not all of which were exactly true. One actually involved a herd of bears crossing the highway and jumping onto our car, in fact my mom got so sick of hearing it that she called up my grandma, handed me the phone, and had me talk to her for an hour and a half. Anyhoo, I am, to this day, a very imaginative, talkative person, and for a while I struggled to figure out how I could use that to my advantage. After all, there aren’t exactly a lot of people my age who can withstand 4 hour long conversations, especially when those conversations are made up of fictional stories that in today’s world just don’t really seem appropriate. And so, with that, I did what any logical human being would do; I began to write some of my stories down. And wouldn’t ya know it, I ended up being a fairly good writer. I found that for me, writing offered and escape, like a portal into worlds that existed long ago or haven’t ever existed until now. My stories began to get bigger and bigger, increasingly complex as I added plot lines, characters, sub plots, climaxes, and all that other lovely English mumbo jumbo. I also found that as I watched movies and played video games, I became more and more inspired by random things, leading me to write some really crazy stuff! This summer, that writing has been my creative outlet that I’ve used to find a sense of purpose and have some fun along the way. Now I did say that this journal entry would be shorter, and that not only serves to give Miss Amy a much needed break in grading but also allows some time for her to read quick screenshots of two of my newest installments: Our Broken Shells and Extract. These work in progress novels are fairly serious and cover all sorts of topics, ranging from depression and PTSD to exploration, adventure, and earth before humans. I hope you enjoy a product of my creativity, have fun!

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