This vacation creativity not something I largely took part in because their was nothing out of the ordinary creative that I did. But I saw a lot of creativity is the citizens of China and the things that they put together. The people of China all drove scooters to get around but around them they have these contraptions that protect them from the rain so they don’t get wet and what they would do is either take umbrellas or plastic wrap and then weld these bars onto the bike and either attach the umbrella or wrap their scooter in plastic to protect them from the rain which was really fun to see. Another great show of creativity and architecture prowess was Shanghai as well as the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China was an amazing feat by itself because it spans 6000 km and some sections of the walls got really creative with how they would place them building over the mountains and sometimes cutting through it was just impressive. Shanghai was also impressive with their giant skyscrapers but the most beautiful thing about them is the night. The people got really creative and made different light shows on each building, there were two twin buildings with one butterfly wing on each building and other building with have these beautiful colors that would change in shades and colors.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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