Creativity, Activity, Service (Vacation)


During vacation a way that my brain could think out of the box was through reading. I read around 2 books and learned about animal life through national geographic. I also gave myself a little bit of time to write how I felt during the day. It helped me deal with anxiety and it definitely helped me to share what I felt with myself. Writing helps me grow within myself just because it’s some personal things I never share with people and I use this tool as a way to write my emotions out and use it as therapy to help my mental health. I wrote some poems, and eventually started writing a song, which is something I normally don’t do. However the experience is very different just because I’m never sure if what I’m writing makes any sense. But that’s the point, lyrics are complicated and sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

 There’s multiple things that could be considered creative. I consider thinking of my future as something creative, it’s not necessarily creative but thinking of what I want to be when I graduate is scary but it motivates me to keep going. I never realized that being around a garden for 3 hours and appreciating nature could inspire me to look at things differently. How is this creative? Looking at architectural documentaries about garden designing made me realize exterior design could be something I find as a strength. I’m lucky enough to love plants and know about them, therefore this made me realize my strengths and I could potentially grow a new ability that will be developed in my future. I take this as free writing, sharing what I like and in my head designing a beginner outside area for a house has unlocked one of my deepest ambitions.


During my vacation I was actively going to my violin classes, I’m definitely still a beginner and there are some things I still need to improve with technique and sound. However I have loved going to my classes and enjoying every small mistake I make, just because I know that practice makes perfect. The violin has always been the one thing I’ve always wished to have since I was little. Now that I have it I can’t stop thinking about how my technique and ability will grow in 2 or 3 years. I could become a professional violinist and nothing will make me happier than ever than looking back at Emily right now and seeing how much I’ve grown not only as a musician but as a person. I also started going again to elevate to take contemporary and hip hop. My favorite class is contemporary because it makes me escape from reality and I’m connected to it myself. I also went to the beach but never missed a sunset.


My vacation was more involved in the service. With my partner Geyra we were having meetings with the team in order to give Daisy some land. There were a few things that got complicated since she is not a resident of Costa Rica, however we found a land that would be perfect for her and her family. Due to the fact that we did not have enough funds to purchase the land in 3 months we were not able to buy that lot. That doesn’t mean we are giving up, we have been having many meetings on how to raise money as soon as possible. We will make a gofundme and look for donations to restaurants and charity to help this family. We have also been giving Daisy and her family food baskets and fortunately my partner Geyra was able to find a part of the school uniforms for the girls which is a big step forward. For the moment we are still collecting money, but we can’t wait to get to the school and make fundraisers to be able to give more baskets to this family. 

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