Creativity Journal Entry #25 (Summer)

Creativity Journal Entry #25 (Summer)

During summer I play a lot of soccer with my friends from my community.   Did you plan and initiate an activity? How did it go? I plan to play soccer at the beach with my friends. This activity was pretty fun to organize because I told a lot of young people from my town to go play soccer at the beach. The result was very productive. We spent all afternoon playing soccer. Values like friendships and teambuilding were developed in the process of the activity together.    your areas for growth? Did you get better at something? Some areas of growth are found to be my leadership skill because organizing this activity made me responsible for things like the ball and the food and snack , this made me also get better at my teamwork and communication with my friends. This communication leads to the accomplishment of the activity.    How did you engage with an issue of global importance? A way I was engaged with a global importance is that my project consists in bringing back the fiscal activity after the pandemic. With this activity I return to the times where people went to play soccer at the beach before the Covid and later on they close the beach so by doing this type of activities the fiscal activities at the beach are returning.  

Created By: Jose Moreno, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Costa De Oro

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