Creativity Journal Entry

Creativity: This summer, I took a few different online courses focused on business to keep me thinking creatively and learning throughout the summer. The main course I took was centered on marketing and how to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. I mainly focused on the skill of copywriting which gave me valuable insight into the world of marketing through this course. This course presented many challenges that I had to overcome in order to gain skills and be successful. Prior to taking this course, I had no idea what copywriting was and had minimal experience with marketing. This made the learning curve a huge obstacle for me to overcome. The course was extensive and had very in-depth explanations of the basics of copywriting/marketing so ultimately I gained many skills in writing copy as well as useful knowledge on how to approach marketing. This course as well refined my work ethic and strengthened my proactivity As stated before, the course was immense in its content and took me a month to get through the beginner stage of the course (7/17/22 - 8/15/22). In order to complete the course, I had to show perseverance and commitment throughout the entire month. Attached are the notes I took throughout the entire program. I spent roughly an average of 2+ hours a day working on these skills and ensuring I understood everything. In hindsight, I can acknowledge my strengths and areas for growth. I had a lot of commitment and took a lot of time out of my vacation to attend this course, however,s I could have been more efficient with this time. I struggled to stay focused during the entire duration of my sessions and could grow in this area in the future.

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