Creativity or Activity

What does it mean to be creative?

To be creative means being able to express yourself in a unique way. Being creative is delivering a message whether it is personal or educational or that has something related to personal strengths. To me being creative means being able to address things and look at them with different perspectives. Creativity could be hard sometimes, it challenges us to think but it motivates us to do our best. Being creative allows you to understand and evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses by applying these pros and cons to something you could show to the public through a certain way of art. 

What is your favorite way to express your creative side? What do you like about it?

 I believe my favorite way to express my creativity is through writing. I feel like I have the ability to put words together and through them I can express some sort of feeling. In my case I have written many poems about my personal experiences and I have shown them to certain people I trust. They feel something from reading it. I like writing because it’s something not everyone knows I do, it’s a hidden hobby that only certain people address. However writing is not the only creative side, I have discovered thanks to Gaby that dance can transmit a feeling. I have incorporated dance into my life. It was very challenging in the beginning because I would tell myself I couldn’t do it and now it’s something I really enjoy, however it’s a side I haven’t been able to put out to people to see. Hopefully one day I will. 

What do you do when you get an idea?

When I have an idea I communicate with Geyra, in our previous CAS journey Geyra and I have communicated very well with each other. With Alex’s help we are able to address issues and come up with solutions, we make sure that our ideas are communicated within each other first and then with Alex. She has great initiatives and supports us all the way. I write the ideas down to make sure I don’t forget them, I add any details and share them with Alex, she gives us advice and I write it down just in case I might need to look at it again. When there’s an amazing idea but it’s out of our hands we think how to make it feasible for us to keep the same idea but change it in a way we can actually make a change. With Daisy, we have come up with great ideas to get her out of poverty. I have brainstormed her strengths and weaknesses, in order to look for a job she could apply to with the certificates she has. 

Some of our ideas could take a little longer like finding her a better home, this is something we have to add more detail because some of the renting houses have a higher price then what they are able to afford. However this is something we are constantly working on. We want Daisy and her family to feel comfortable and happy with the opportunities they have. 

Do you feel more creative by yourself or when you work with others? Why do you think this is?

I think I feel creative when I’m by myself but also when I work with others. When I’m by myself I do creative things like writing, drawing, and dancing. When I’m with others I also feel creative because I am able to enhance part of their creativity. I can see how differently we work, how differently we interpret things, which is something good. We all have our unique way to see the world. 

When I’m surrounded by others I am able to apply some of their creativity into my creativity, sometimes it won’t be the same as others but it will be my own unique way to show something. For example in art class, when I’m on my own I can see my own creativity, however I get stuck into what other people will think about my art. When I’m with others I can share my creativity and learn from their creativity and apply it into my own art. Maybe it is not the same thing, but it is different and “different” is ok. 

How have you shown creativity in your CAS project? How can you use that to promote your project to others?

 I have shown creativity in brainstorming a possible idea myself and Geyra could go and fundraise more money for Daisy and her family. I’m not exactly sure what event it could be yet, but the point is to get donations for this family who really needs help. I am really sure that my promoting skills are strong, thanks to my job I have made creative flyers to promote the dance studio.  I can use this digital app “canva” to create beautiful posters, flyers, presentations and deliver messages to the public about our project. I enjoy working in marketing because it’s a creative side where I can apply my strengths in order to creatively attract and inform our community. We would be announcing our project through social media, emails. Myself and Geyra want to earn a lot of money to help Daisy and her young neighbor who is a lonely mother of two children. 

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