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My favorite ways to exercise are swimming and working out. To me, the best part of exercising is that it makes me feel proud of myself once I’m done. It helps me to focus on myself for an hour or two and during that time I’m only focusing on my mental and physical health.  


My favorite exercises depend on what type of physical activity I’m doing. Usually when I’m swimming my favorite stroke to swim is freestyle, that’s the stroke I can swim the fastest, and could swim in this style for hours if one day I decide to go beyond my comfort zone. When I’m workingout I love doing leg day. My quads are the part of my body that I would say are the strongest and can handle a heavy workout. Also, the soreness of the day after is a lot more bearable when it’s in my legs. 


My exercise commitment is to be physically and mentally healthy and to keep myself active every time that’s possible. What I do to keep myself motivated is to force myself to work out/ swim every day after school. I avoid thinking about any excuses to avoid doing my daily exercise and I know that by the end of my exercise I will feel proud of myself for not skipping a class and completing another day of exercise. 


To me, exercise is important not only to be physically healthy but also to be mentally healthy. When I exercise I get to clear my mind and forget about any thorn I could’ve had throughout my day. It helps me to meditate and focus on myself during the time I exercise and once I’m done I feel relaxed and I forget about the negative moments that were annoying me before.


My CAS project is basically all about being active. I am learning how to become a swimming instructor to help kids learn how to swim and to find swimming as a good way to meditate and focus on themselves while staying physically active. I also find myself being active as I have to be next to the kids in the pool to keep an eye on them and to show them what exercises we are doing next.

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