Creativity forms our personalities and is present in our everyday lives even we don’t realize it, every human is creative in their own way, while it may seem like some are more creative then others, but in reality it might just be because they are able to utilize it in a more efficient manner than others and express their creativity clearly. I personally think I am a creative thinker and I always try thinking outside of the box even if its an abstract idea I try my best by using my creative skills to make it concrete, for example at the Terraza Youth creativity is widely needed when it comes to the marketing, the decorating, the ideas. All of those come with their own creative values and each terraza member is good at one of those. This break I used my creative skills to repaint a wagon that we use everyday while in Brehat to carry the groceries or anything to heavy to carry by hand. Since it was a really old wagon and the paint started to fall off, I decided why not repaint it and make it look pretty again, so I decided to do so and use my creative thinking to find a new color and paint it. Luckily painting wasn’t a struggle for me since I had really learnt how to when painting the entire Terraza Youth Center. I was able to revive something using a bright color that would pop out, and luckily art classes came in handy when thinking about emphasis and complimentary colors which is something I had learnt in art class last year. This once again demonstrates where my creative abilities came from and how I was able to use this skill and apply it in my everyday life, and while this didn’t really strike me at first, then I realized how interesting it is how all these skills are related somehow and that each individual skill I have while it may not relate to creativity directly, it somehow allows my ability to think outside the box and become a better creative thinker.


Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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