Cross Grade Learning Opportunity (CGLO)

The 11th grade students were able to present their business plan to the 12th grade this week. Their business plan is a way for the teacher to see what they know about the different aspects of a business, before learning about them. They get to front load a bit of the content by doing research and trying to find ways to answer the business plan questions posed to them in the assignment. Students were given 3 hours during class to work as groups to prepare the presentation. They knew that the 12th grade would be giving them feedback and assessing their presentation skills. The 11th grade did a great job, with some students creatively bringing props in for the presentation. They also learned skills such as planning and initiating, working collaboratively, research, and communication. The 12th grade also were able to remember what the elements of a business plan are, which is important for their IB exams in a couple months.

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