Current Status: J.E

I think the Terraza Youth center is in a good place right now. We are constantly figuring out what new events we should plan, ways to market to the community and of course, fundraising for the center and while we are in a good place we need to keep planning constant events to eventually be independent on paying rent which for now sharky’s is helping us with. Recently we have been much more organized, each month we try and meet up after school to talk about new ideas, plans, events and fun ways to create an attractive environment for the teens of the community. Some of the things I think we need to work on is not only being consistent with events, but planning more fundraisers and communal events to secure our financial status. With the holidays coming up, we will come up with some fun events and some new ideas the community hasn’t seen. Personally I think I am also in a good place in the project. I feel like recently I have had no problems working collaboratively with my team and everyone gets along great. Ashley has been working very hard organizing the events and creating planners to stay on track and she has also made all the staff, special shirts which are really fun. I now think that some immediate ways we can improve the center are to bring in new furniture, games, art pieces etc.. that will give the center a more finished feel, and we can do that by asking members of the community if they are willing to donate any items they don’t use anymore or want to get rid of. And finally I am excited to pass on this project to Catalina and Grace who I know will lead this and bring many great new things for Terraza.


Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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