Date: December 15th

One of the groups I worked with today was having a difficult time accepting a new student who was not as skilled as the rest of the group (see photo: student holding the basketball).  The other players were dismissive of the new student, and some even refused to pass the ball to them. This caused the new student to feel left out and demoralized, affecting their performance and enjoyment of the game.   As a coach, I knew that I had to intervene and address the situation. I gathered the group together and talked about the importance of inclusion and teamwork. I encouraged them to support the new student, pass the ball to them, and celebrate their successes, no matter how small.   I also took the time to work with the new student one-on-one, showing them some basic techniques and strategies to improve their game. I could see that the student was starting to gain confidence and was grateful for the individual attention.   After some additional practice, we played a game, and I was pleased to see that the group had started to work together more cohesively, including the new student in the game. There was more passing, support, and communication, and the game was more fun and engaging for all involved.   It was a challenging experience, but ultimately, it was rewarding to see the group come together and learn the importance of inclusion and teamwork. It taught me the importance of being patient, supportive, and finding creative ways to resolve conflict.   Overall, my experience at the Flamingo Basketball Clinic has been a great learning opportunity, and I look forward to continuing to help young athletes develop their skills and teamwork abilities, while fostering a culture of inclusion and positivity.

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