Date: December 19th, 2022

Today, at the beginning of practice, the group was having a difficult time taking the game seriously. Some players were misbehaving and not listening, causing the practice to grow disorganized and unfocused. After a few warnings and punishments, they still weren’t taking it seriously. As a result, they were punished with a rigorous exercise of running up a nearby mountain. I was concerned about the group's attitude and lack of discipline. I knew that I had to step in and address the situation. I gathered the group together and talked about the importance of taking the game seriously and working together as a team. I encouraged them to support each other, communicate effectively, and focus on the task at hand. I also emphasized the importance of respect, both for their fellow players and for the rules of the game. After some additional practice and discussion, we played a game, and I was pleased to see that the group had started to take the game more seriously. They were communicating with each other, setting up plays, and supporting each other, all while still maintaining a fun and energetic environment: overall making the game more engaging for all involved. At the end of the session, we revisited the punishment of running up the mountain. I asked the group how they felt about the experience and what they had learned. It was interesting to hear that, although they found it challenging, they acknowledged the importance of taking the game seriously and apologized for how they were behaving before the exercise. The exercise effectively taught the kids discipline and allowed them to grow as individuals and athletes It was a great learning opportunity for me as well, as it taught me the importance of finding creative ways to address challenges and instill discipline in young players. I was proud of the progress that the group had made, and I look forward to continuing to help young athletes develop their skills and teamwork abilities while fostering a culture of respect and discipline. My experience at the Flamingo Basketball Clinic has been a great learning opportunity, and I feel fortunate to be able to contribute to the development of young athletes in my community.

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