Descriptive vs Analytical writing lesson plan

Spark:Go over attached table that will help identify descriptive vs analytical writing.  The table comes from an IB TOK workshop.

Read and annotate both articles below using the table.

Highlight the descriptive sentences in the article in blue.

Highlight the analytical sentences in the article in purple.


Vox article: Are we ever authentically ourselves on the internet?


Once you have the descriptive an analytical sentences highlighted, refer to the chart to define the type of analytical method they use by placing a letter by the corresponding sentences that use the method mentioned in the cart.

Now do the same thing for this article:



TOK Guide:


The TOK course plays a special role in the DP by providing an opportunity for students to reflect on the nature, scope and limitations of knowledge and the process of knowing. In this way, the main focus of TOK is not on students acquiring new knowledge but on helping students to reflect on, and put into perspective, what they already know.


Comment on the importance of writing/ commenting analytically for our TOK class based on the above paragraph.

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