Factual Journal Entry

Factual Journal Entry – I spent a solid ten minutes thinking about what exactly that meant, until I realized it was an indirect way for Miss Amy to tell me that I actually have to write journal entries about my project, not just about IB and obscure movie references. Well message received – today’s installment in the Sam Hanson CAS Experience (trademark pending) will take a look at the next big steps in the MUN project (complete with photographical evidence), some reflections on peace, and just a tiny bit of whining about IB, because I truly believe I’ve earned it. So anyways, to begin, what’s going on with MUN? Prior to last week, my main focus was set on laying groundwork for the next conference that will take place at La Paz. I spoke with a couple of Year 11’s who are planning on taking over the project about opportunities for training. We decided that it would be best if they were directly involved in the planning and execution of the conference, that way they would be best equipped to take on MUN next year. This remains the plan, however I have decided to put the focus on my next conference on the back burner (for now) and instead shift to another very important item on the agenda – the annual MUN conference at the UWC. The conference, set to take place the second weekend of October this year, is an excellent chance for me to utilize my MUN expertise to help benefit our team from La Paz. The conference is held in both English and Spanish, with an impressive variety of committees and delegates from all over the world. UWC has an impressive reputation, however I will say that last year certain aspects of the conference, such as the Chairs’ apparent lack of experience, left me rather disappointed. Regardless, this conference is an excellent beginner’s course in competing in MUN and with more Global Politics students at La Paz than ever before it will undoubtedly be an interesting time. That being said, the conference is rapidly approaching, which led me to decide that it demanded priority over the other aspects of my project. My plan is relatively simple: I will contact Mr. Kyle about what times would be good for me to give a seminar on MUN, especially one towards the eleventh graders, who, for the most part, have only participated in the MUN conference(s) held at La Paz. Fortunately, my seminars last year mean I can mostly skip the basics. This will allow me to focus on more advanced tactics that will ensure that our team this year is as successful – if not more – than we were last year. And best of all, we’re staying in a hostel this time, so goodbye army barracks! See below the email to Mr. Kyle to set up the seminars for this conference, and there will be more info coming soon!

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