February 22, 2023

Me and Allison have been working very hard communicating with Gaby which was one of our main goals. We have seen improvements in our communication since talking with her. Our new project we will be focusing on is the dance festival next month in Tamarindo. The festival involves a lot of organizing which me and Allison will overtake, bringing more challenges. Communication is a big aspect that will help us, since collaborating with other studios in the area we will have to have a clear voice and form of organization. Through this new project we will also be risk takers being involved with other studios and having to step out of our comfort zones. The main goal of our project is the importance of dance arts in our community which this project will demonstrate, creating a dance festival demonstrates to the community and is able to showcase what we have been working on. By involving other studios in the are we get to share with others our talents


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