Field Trip JE

During our field trip with the Boston students, we all got to share a fun time while getting to know more about each other. I would say that some of the 7 learning outcomes of CAS that were most present during this field trip were: undertaking challenges, showing commitment and perseverance, recognizing the benefits of working collaboratively, and demonstrating engagement with issues of global significance. Most of the Boston students undertook a challenge by doing a job that they don't usually do during a field trip. They all worked hard to plant as many trees as they could. We all showed commitment and perseverance during the planting process. Everyone was committed to helping plant all the trees we had to plant. Every student planted at least 5 trees. For the kids who aren’t used to working with shovels and dirt, they were all committed to learning how to plant a tree correctly and to get out of their comfort zone while doing it. We all got to see the benefits of working together by the end of the planting process when we ran out of pace to plant trees and we had 7 out of 140 trees left to plant. We were able to plant 133 trees in 4 hours which no other group had been able to do before. We were all engaged with an issue of global significance because we helped to plant trees which are one of the humans' main sources of oxygen in the world. By doing this we are helping the country's ecosystems and to avoid deforestation of our wildlife.

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