First Shelter Visit!!!

I went to the shelter and met all of the dogs and the owners of the shelter. We talked about what I could do to help and we decided that I should come on Thursdays to train and walk the dogs because on Mondays and Wednesdays there are student groups there who walk the dogs. Training the dogs will be very helpful because many of these dogs have bad habits that are simple to fix and many of the volunteers are children and training the dogs will make them easier to handle by the kids. I will at some point need to meet with the volunteers and help them to understand the commands and how not to allow the dogs to go back to the bad habits, but for now I am very content with the progress that I have made and I am excited for the future and hope that everything goes well. The days that I go I will be alone with the person who watches the dogs, Don Rey, so I will be able to have one on one time with any dog that I want and there will not be distractions for the dogs, which will help a lot with training the dogs. The picture below shows the volunteers that go on mondays and wednesdays. As you can see there are many different dogs and many of the volunteers are somewhat small children so it will be important to train the big dogs better so that the kids can handle them without fear of being pulled away.

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