Identify Strengths and Areas for growth

My top strengths are appreciation for beauty and excellence, leadership, and creativity. Appreciation for beauty and excellence. The ability to notice beauty and excellence in all domains of life. I apply this in my CAS project. Through dance I aim to explore unique forms of movement within myself and the students that I teach throughout all of my projects. I am creative and I use this for the choreography that I created in the projects. Creativity also helps me coordinate times and work around my busy dance and school schedule. Because of my appreciation for beauty and excellence and my creativity I am able to find strengths in the people that I work with which helps me be a good leader. I use leadership when teaching the kids the dances. I have to direct the kids at Becahnuts so they are paying attention and learning the dance. I see who can do the dance moves more effectively than the others and place them in front or delegate work to them so they can teach the younger ones. I find Nadia's inner creativity when teaching her solo so I can include elements of her and bring out her strengths for competition. In the video that I added above I used creativity to make a representation of all the projects I have had over the school year. Under my areas for growth I have motivation and planning. Motivation can be hard for me especially with the Beachnuts theater project. This is because the actors in the play sometimes don't want to be there as well so it is hard to create a fun environment to learn. I need to find ways to motivate them and this may help me motivate myself. I also have a hard time with motivation on the weekends especially after a long week of school. To overcome this in the past I have just ignored my lack of motivation and went to the practice anyway and at the end of the practice I would realize that it was not as difficult as I thought. I also have some challenges with planning. Sometimes the time gets away from me and I don't make the plans for the week the night before which is always difficult when figuring out all of the details pertaining to the practice that we are having. This is especially true with the Beachnuts practices. In the future I can try to use my strengths to overcome my weaknesses. I have to use my creativity and appreciation for beauty and excellence to create motivating choreography and lessons for the practices. I have to use my leadership skills to delegate my own time and figure out how to plan at least two days in advance.

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