JE (4/12/22)

Please write about something that you have persevered through the last 18 months! It can be your project, it can be a sport, it can be a creative project that you have been working on... Just show your ability to persevere. Remember to include evidence.   Something I have persevered through the past 18 months is my art. This past year I have been experimenting with a different art style. I started playing more with the theme of emotions in my paintings and learning how to portray them in an image. I would say my art style changed drastically because my usual paintings have more color and are less focused on a specific topic. This change in my art has taught me how to express myself more deeply in my artwork. I learned to interpret what my emotions would look like if they were human or if there was a visual representation of them. Making this change in my artwork has also helped me feel less stressed. I noticed I felt inspired to create a new sketch whenever I felt mad or annoyed by anything, which turned the process of creating an art piece more into a therapeutic activity. This art style I'm currently working with will help me a lot when producing the art pieces for my IB art exhibition since my theme for the exhibition is “Human emotions,” the art pieces and ideas I have come up with so far will fit in perfectly with the theme which means I will have some art pieces already done by the time we start producing the artworks for the exhibition.

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