Jornal 1


I have two ideas for a CAS project, one is to join Cloies already going project, which is helping animals, which would suit me very well because I love animals and helping them would be fulfilling, and great for the CAS project. The other idea I have is to work together with Otis to make a thrift shop in tamarindo. The thrift shop is a good idea because we can help the community by giving them cheap items, and there is not much competition in tamarindo. The problem with this idea is that it is hard to get money to start it, and getting donations. Otis had the idea of getting donations from people who leave and leave their things here, but we will need a more constant way of getting inventory, so that we have more variation in products. If we use our perseverance, and get past these obstacles, then we will have a great business that diversifies itself from the other shops in Tamarindo, and it will also give people who need things but don’t have the money to buy them a cheaper option. 


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