Jornal 2


I have decided that I would like to join/continue Chloe’s project. I have talked to her a little about it, and it seems like an amazing project. This project helps the animals that have only known the hard surface of the street as a bed, and their food has been the rare scraps that humans will either feed them or throw on the street. They may not have thought their life was that bad before, but once they feel the cool air conditioning in a house, the soft comfort of a bed and the security of getting three meals a day every day, they will never want to go back to their old life. They will finally be cleaned, healed of their wounds and cared for by their loving families. Not only will the pets feel this, but the families will also have another companion to help them through their struggles and to be with them through their best moments. For many people a pet is far more than simply a wild animal like those that they see on the street, but others see the potential to love that these animals have, and can see how good it would feel to give these animals a better life. Many people think that it is difficult to make a large change in the world, but that you don’t actually need to make this much change, changing one life at a time is plenty.  

Mission statement

This project promises to move people to adopt a pet that was in a bad situation before and give it a promising, new, loving life where the animal feels cared for.

This project’s goal is to unite people to invest in discovering an animal that they can care for, play with, value, and mold their lives for the better.

We will give people the opportunity to love an animal and to alter their life for the better by caring for them and helping them rise from the situation that they were in.

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