Jornal 4

Dec 2 2022
My project promotes development in myself because I develop my skills with animals as well as patience because some animals will take longer than others and I will need to be patient and understand that animals take different amounts of time and some will not learn as fast as the others and they may be more difficult. It will promote development in the community because people will be able to control their animals and they will not have trouble controlling them. It will also promote development for the adoption center because the workers will also have less problems with the manners of the animals and they will be able to adopt out the animals faster, giving them more room for new animals.
The only barrier of entry would be if the vet did not want me to help him or if he did not trust me, in which case I could simply try to find a different vet or idea. I do not think this will happen because a La Paz student already works with him and today I will be writing an email that should convince him to allow me to at least try. I will be using my persuasive writing skills that I have learned from many language classes as well as references to my past experiences with training animals. On top of that, the vet is fairly busy, and it may be difficult to set up an appointment with him, but if he doesn’t respond to the email I will go to the office and ask for him.
My activity will be the ongoing training of dogs to get them out of adoption centers faster. I picked this because I like animals, and I would like to see that spread through other people, because I see many people who have strong relationships with their dogs and cats, and I want to give that opportunity to people. I also do not want to see dogs left in the streets because the adoption centers are full. I choose to do it with this vet because he is the closest to me with a good adoption center and I feel that that is good for me to reach the full potential of this project.
I expect that this project will be a success and that people will be more open to adopting a dog if that dog knows basic commands and house manners. I also expect that if people see that the animals are being treated well, they will be more likely to trust the vet, causing a win win situation for me and the veterinarian’s office, because they will have the business of the people that have adopted the dogs, having won their trust by showing that they treat the animals very well. I also think that I will improve as a person by helping the animals.

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