Journal entry

What did you do last week and how did it move your project forward?

Last week I spoke to Giusepinna, who is Damian’s relative from Copper and Stone. I texted him explaining our goals and objectives of our project. The idea was to have a space where we could host the Wine Tasting to a much wealthier community in Las Catalinas. He thought our idea was very specific, however he recommended us to think about cost, planning and  logistics for an event to be a success. Which I think he’s totally right about. Geyra and I have struggled because we are constantly thinking about Daisy. We really want to purchase land for them, although circumstances and time are very limited we are trying our best to help them. We dont want them to believe we didn’t try because we have and we will continue to try until we can get something out of our effort. We will continue to host this event as our main fundraiser but will take this trimester to plan, think about logistics for the beginning of next year. 

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