journal entry

November 7, 2022

Explain the steps that you have taken to start the project. 

  • Starting talking to our Elevate community
  • Figuring out future supporters
  • Contacting and getting information about the budget
  • Making the path video

Explain what will be done this week to move the project forward.

  • Plan meeting with Tati to figure out the exact budget 
  • Planning out future fundraisers that we will need to get done
  • CAS night

Explain an obstacle that you are encountering and how you will manage to overcome that obstacle.

  • Figuring out if this project is feasible
  • To overcome this we will attend the meeting and fully comprehend what we need to get done and see if it is possible

Explain a success that you are feeling and how that is fueling motivation for the project. 

  • Getting outside perspectives and talking to more people about it
  • Being able to present during CAS night

Attach a piece of evidence to show your work.

Path video

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