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November 18,2022

Cas night reflexion 


What are your reflections for the evening? 

I enjoyed the night in general. I thought it was a really effective way of sharing to the rest of the community about the project and different ways they can help us. I am proud of me and Allison for standing up there with the other 12 graders to present our ideas.


After talking to parents about your projects and processing your ideas, what were your thoughts on your project today? 

The project is a very complicated project that will take time and effort but me and Allison are determined to try our best and be able to conclude with the project’s goal.


What are your next steps toward moving your project forward? 

Our next step is meeting Mr. Abel to talk and coordinate how this project will work out and what we need to do to get started and involve the school.


Who do you need to discuss your project with in order to make those next steps? 

We need to have effective and strong communication with the school moving forward so we are up to date with the school’s plans. Our main focus is Mr. Abel and getting his involvement.

How are you going to make the time to do these steps outside of class? 

We will be meeting during our lunch hours and other free periods we have to get the communication process started.

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