Journal Entry

7 learning outcomes:

  • Identify own strengths and areas of growth 
  • Demonstrate challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process 
  • Initiate and plan cas experiences
  • Skills and how they work 
  • Commitment and perseverance in CAS experience 
  • Engagement with issues and global significance
  • Ethics and choices of action


During my CAS experience this trimester, everything felt like it was falling apart. This means that my personal academic life has been harder this trimester than it has ever been. I’ve tried many tools for time management because I needed it to feel like I was being successful. However, sometimes I felt overwhelmed that I didn’t feel successful as a student. I felt like I was bringing my whole world upside down just because of my impulses to think that what I do is not enough to satisfy myself. Somehow this made me have a blockage in my brain and it’s been hard to get over it. 

Seems very depressing, but in reality it’s not. It’s a journey most students go through. Maybe you wonder how I kept pushing myself to keep going, 1 my cas project  motivated me to feel like although things would be hard to accomplish, my faith and hope would project through Daisy’s own hope of getting out of poverty. I got to a point where I compared my own situation to Daisy, meaning I was struggling with my mind but they have to struggle with poverty. So I kept going. The second thing that motivates me to keep going is my teacher, she believes I can do great things if I believe in myself. She treats me with patience and commits to my necessities whenever I need her. Sometimes as a student, you need someone that motivates you to be a better person and a better student. 

In relation to my CAS project, I’ve been waiting for CAS NIGHT to happen just because our project is so important to me and my classmate that sharing this out to the public would mean more to me than the money we need. Obviously money is important in this project but happiness is more valuable than any materialistic thing. This experience has made me realize how opening this project is to me. I never thought that a picture with the title “A gift of hope” could make me cry in front of everyone. I felt embarrassed, but it was worth it. People knew the commitment and how this journey has shaped who I am today allowing me to see my place in the world. My place in the world is where I can help others, where I see children in a place like San Jose starving with 2 other children asking people for food and them ignoring their call of help. Being able to take these kids by the hand in the middle of the city with everyone looking at me and taking them to the subway to eat, makes me realize I’m different, that I have a vulnerable heart. That I would do anything to help someone with nothing in return. My biggest take away from this is their smile. Then I knew that my lunch and my little savings were worth the smiles of 3 little children, and that a hug from them changed my life. 

Last but not least, the significance of helping someone is worth it. With my CAS project it has made me fight for Daisy’s dream and my dream, which is to make a difference in someone’s life. I will try to get as much money for a land and safe home for this family by going to places in Tamarindo and asking for donations for charity. Hopefully this happens in December where high seasons hit Guanacaste. If the long-term goal is not met, my effort and commitment will stand out and will make Daisy realize that people like me are still out there and want to help. Hopefully this will motivate her to believe in humanity. 

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