Journal Entry 29/10/22

This week Kenya and I focused on finishing the final details for Dia de Mascaradas. This included sharing our flier on the Families of La Paz Facebook page, making sure parents were signing up for the food and activities sign-up sheets, collecting as much candy as possible, and getting decorations to decorate the school. We faced some last-minute challenges as we had some miscommunication with the school about charging for the entrance. Although this challenge was not something we expected to deal with the week of the event, we successfully were able to find solutions to our problem and to get all parents updated on the changes on the event and excited to attend. The area of communication is an area we worked on improving as the week went by, we had a couple of parents reaching out to us to sign up for food or activity stations, and we made sure we gave them as many details as possible about what we need from them and we did our best at making them feel included and appreciated. I would say we improved our area of communication very well as there were no issues the day of the event in the food area or any of the game stations. On the day of the event, Kenya and I were both nervous and stressed out about all the decorating and assembling we had to get done before the event started, although we both noticeably looked very stressed out we never lacked communication with each other. We were able to work productively and efficiently for the three hours we dedicated to preparing for the event, and during the event, we still were able to communicate very well despite all the things we had going on at the same time. If there is anything I would do better next time it is the costume contest. We did not focus on this part of the event as much as we should have and it was quite confusing when trying to decide on a winner for each category.

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