Journal Entry #29 ATLs

Communication skills (to deliver messages but also to interpret them) During the project, I developed a lot of communication skills, not only with my teammates but also with coaches and directors. During my journal I have worked on a lot of examples of communication, a concrete example can be found in the sending of emails and the creation of multiple group chats to communicate games and important dates. Recently communication has been essential since communicating with our new advisor and director to invite the other schools to be part of the tournament. Communication is very essential during this product because it about inviting and informing other teams and other schools about the sport event we want to organice and promote.    Social (collaboration) During this project, social skills are developed in specific situations, and having good relationships with your classmates involves having stable social relationships with other teams and other team leaders to organize soccer games. A specific example is found in the captain of another local soccer school. We text each other often on planning multiple games and future invitations to a soccer tournament. Social communication and collaboration are important to have a friendly environment where is safe to grow and learned. Social skills are develop in the leadership of being the captain you have to support and be an example for oyur teammates, this also includes the social collaboration of otganicin the events and working with others.   How has your experience in this area enhanced your ability to learn in other classes or prepared you for life in general? Explain.   This experience enhanced my ability to learn in other classes because it helps you develop certain skills that will make you understand and interpret better methods of learning at the same time it will guide you to build better communication skills with your teachers and classmates.

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  1. MissAmy

    October 9, 2022

    That is great news that you are working with another captain on the tournament. I am really looking forward to seeing that collaboration in a large event for our community.

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