Journal Entry #30

How did I motivate myself? Some way I motivated myself is going to practice. This makes me want to keep up the hard work. Another way to motivate me is every day I lose a game I want to become better and better. Recently there have been a lot of changes in the team I want to show everyone my motivation and not only that, I want to motivate everyone to grow and work hard.    What was the value of the activity? The recent activity was a game. This is on the 15 of October. This activity had many values such as attitude and amplitude. This is to teach everyone that we have to continue the hard work and we have to learn from our mistakes in order to become better. This activity was important because we need to be humble to learn and it is very important to have this value in order to accept mistakes and become better.   How did I feel while planning my project? During the planning of my project, I feel very excited and very happy. During the planning of my project, I learned a lot of new things, and at the same time, I use new skills and learned new ones. Right now we are meeting every Monday after school. We want to organize the tournament at the same time we want to pursue to plan something bigger that adds to the culture of the school. This makes me feel very excited because soon I will be leaving so I want to leave this behind so people remember me.    Who helped me develop these skills? How did they help? Someone who has helped me a lot is Profe. Alejandro is showing me motivation and organization. He is actually helping us and guiding us through the project. He is demonstrating leadership and responsibility. He is helping us by meeting every Monday after school, he is also helping me make the soccer program better. He is being very compromised with the project and he is taking us step by step. He is demonstrating a big help that we did have before so is very helpful for the project. 

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