Journal entry #31 Progress Report

What did you do last week and how did it move your project forward? The progress made is present in the meeting every Monday at 3:15 pm with Profe Alejandro. Currently, during every meeting, we talk about the current base of the tournament, this is presented as a big step forward for my project since I did have this opportunity before. Progress is also seen in the current planning of soccer games and the current result that the team is giving with the change of the soccer coach. Progress is also present with the current direction of the project, nowadays the new plan is showing results and effectiveness. Currently, the people involved are more compromised and are showing to be very helpful before taking this project alone was a challenge but I feel that my hard work has paid off by not giving up and always doing my best. 

Created By: Jose Moreno, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Costa De Oro

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