Journal Entry #33

What were my perceptions of the project when I started?   My perception of my project was rebuilding a soccer team capable of competing in a local tournament. One of my biggest perceptions was making the team better than ever when a made a plan to start as soon as possible. My perceptions started as a small team, but my perceptions always saw more. This made me persevere and work very hard with many people to try to improve in many ways. My perceptions went from only a vision to the actual running of good practices and a solid team.   What was the value of the project? How did it affect others?   The value of my project was to make a team where students can go and have fun building new skills. This value is very important for some people it affects others because is a good space for students to go and have fun playing the sport they like. This affects others in a positive way because by planning games and a future tournament makes school life more relevant for the players. Making a good school team makes not only the players but the other people around the have more fun events that add value to their school life.   How can my project be important to the world?   This project is important for the world since it gives teenagers opportunities to demonstrate skills outside school. This is relevant because it gives young athletes the opportunity to have fun playing the sport they like. This is by developing skills for the real world such as determination, responsibility, and dedication. My project can be important for the world because it holds a lot of importance for the students to have a good highschool experience by doing exercise and competing building teamwork and many values along the way.   What were the outcomes of the project for me, the team that I was working with, for others? How did that change my perspective of the project?   Some outcomes of the project for me were the values of responsibility and leadership. Values add a lot of meaning to my life as a student. When I was working with others it made me feel like I in the real world at the same time I was building relationships with many different people from different schools. That change my perspective of my project in a way that it showed me that this project is bigger than I think it is. It shows me the different paths and the variety of opportunities that you can take. It shows me the journey of a leader and how I need to be a good leader for people to count on me. 

Created By: Jose Moreno, Costa Rica

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