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Oct, 7 2022

Journal entry 1

When my project is done we will have a completely usable park for everyone in Brasilito, areas for teens and also for children to be safe and have fun. When I cut all the trees and deeply clean all the sidewalk itself and the area around like dead trees or grass and try to cut that down. With the wood i can give that to stephanie from pura vida french touch and that will be supporting a small creator in the area since she uses lots of wood for the project especially the signs, when the park is completely clean i would like to repaint it either i basic colors just to make it look more fresh or make something creative like a mural or something along the lines, also it would be very nice to look into trying to open up the bathrooms and get them working with some sort of security like cameras. Another thing that could be done is open the abandoned building in the park and make them ope for rent to small creators or venders in brasilito, in the hopes that the money we would get from the rent would go for more remodeling of the park or adding small things like charging ports or some sort of lighting to make it look nicer and more welcoming for new people coming into town. 


To create major changes and remodel the Brasilito Park and make it an inviting and safe area for the residents.


To accomplish a full remodeling to the Brasilito Park and produce a safe area for the people that live in brasilito


To remodel the Brasilito Park and have an area that can be appreciated and heal the local Residents.


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