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What are your ideas for your project?

Cleaning up the park since the quarantine started the park has been basically abandoned so cleaning it off and trying to restore it would be something that not only would support the community Bernie word create a new safe space for young people and teens to go play or just hang out. 

Why do they make sense? 

It makes sense for me to clean it because like I said before it’s been abandoned since the quarantine started and nowadays and almost feels like covid never existed. Everything is going back to normal so it would be nice to see the park in good shape. 

Why do they not make sense? 

I guess it would not make sense to do this cuz the community leaders like the Municipalidad should be doing these repairs instead of a school project but they’ve been stalling a lot so it would completely make sense for someone that is from the community of Brasilito.

What are the barriers to making it successful?

Right now the main problem with the park is that there are a bunch of cut trees and branches, the grass is overgrown and it’s just dirty in general. The biggest obstacle would probably be the trees since some of them are thick and big so I will need tools like a chainsaw or ax.

What are your strengths that make this possible?

Just thinking of a place where my community can feel safe and Happy makes me want to clean it and restore it.


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