Journal Entry

December 2, 2022

How does it feel to work with others?

It’s great to work with others well, especially since my CAS project is with Romeo. We kinda have to work together but that is no problem, you feel less pressured and almost like you have support since not all the tasks fall on your shoulders. Some aspects that are hard about me and romeo working together is our location we live around 2 hours away from each other so sometimes communication and activity planning becomes very difficult, but still this isn’t totally bad that we live far away from each other since in our project we want to clean/help more than just a singular beach. Also since our towns are very different we can make different art pieces for each one that gives us a wider range of what we can do or not for our art pieces.

Do my projects promote development of my character within myself or my community?

Yes i personally believe that my project hits the mark for self development and development in our community, i self develop because doing beach cleanups and getting outhere really shows how much pollution is in the oceans and beaches and it just makes me want to clean more and think about the future of our communities, secondly the making of art is using my creativity and all the excess/ trash from the oceans while also providing something that looks nice in the community ans something that incentives to not throw away trash.

What are areas for growth that I am noticing in my work?

I personally have to work on my teamwork skills since sometimes i forget i can ask romeo and do  lot of work by myself, also me and romeo have to start communicating better and speaking more about the future plans of our project since we haven’t started making the art and that is out goals for the next trimester, another goal that was sadly postponed was our field trip to the beach. It got postponed since me and Romeo didn’t communicate well for the day and hour we wanted to go so we kind of just forgot about it. We can keep doing that because it’s taking not only time away from our project but it’s also making us not be able to start since we need trash to make the art pieces.

What are my perceptions of the way my activity will go? 

I personally think my field trip will go very well since it’s extremely simple picking up trash as a class is also just going to be fun and productive for my project, I really can’t think of something that can go wrong with that activity. The only way we could fail in an activity is maybe the art creation and not literary Fail but more like take our time since the only moment we can really work together is school but again this can be easy to get around just by rotating the days we both take the art pieces and work solo.

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