Journal Entry


What are the goals of your project?

The idea for our project and this trimester is to start working on our art pieces and try to scatter them around the community and see the reaction that they make, also since last trimester we didn’t get enough time to go on our field trip to the beach we decided to plan that out for some day in this trimester and take the whole class to Brasilito beach and clean it.

What are the milestones that you will need to meet to obtain those goals in the next trimester?

firstly the main obstacle right now is finding big parts of wood for the area that the plastic art pieces will be placed on and for the field trip basically just getting the day set up sending emails to parents and making sure that the school allows us to go.
How will you know that you have succeeded?

If we go on the trip to the beach and clean at leats 2 bags of trash, and have 5 art pieces done by the end of the trimester.
What is needed this week to get you started?

Talk with Romeo and find ways to get the wood needed and set up a reunion with miss Kenia to get field trip confirmed

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