Journal Entry

  • What are the challenges that you faced this past week when working on the project?
  • this week me and romeo have started working in our first actual sign, we decided to go find alfonso to ask for help with the wood finding and cutting. Alfonos let us know that the school had lots scrap wood that was perfect for the idea we had in mind. The only challenge right know is getting the plastic and making sure the designs work and look good.
  • How do they make you feel? How did you overcoming them?
  • it makes me feel good to know that in the school we have lots and lots of wood that can be made into the art pieces, but yet again the lack of time and plastic is affecting us right know
  • What new skills did you learn while working on your project this week? Describe it/them? How can you use this skill in the future?
  • i didn’t take on a new challenge this week since it was pretty simple stuff I’ve learned threw the years, some examples are painting the wood pieces black, writing the email for next week, designing for the art. All these skills I’ve done before but this has made me relize that our designs cant be so detailed since the wood we use and the plastic pieces we find are usally very big and leave no space for detail.
  • What about these challenges excite you or scare you? How do you use that energy to move your project forward?
  • i really didnt do much this week but that is something that scares me since it feels like I’m stalling my project, I just need more motivation and to start working more on this signs/art and it will feel good again. the best thing I can do for next time is manage better my time and also just look for a time to really concentrate and dedicate my time to the project o
  • What is the evidence of taking on these new challenges either in a photo or a video?


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