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this week finally me and romeo did our field trip, we took the whole class to the beach and with the help of bandera azul (a non profit that cleans the beach) we where able to fill up 7 of the big gardening trash bags and a full bag of microplastics for our art pieces. some positives was incentive the class at the beginning didn’t really want to pick up the trash since it was very hot, but me and romeo told them that depending on the speed we fill up bags with we are gonna be able to swim in the ocean, that was a big incentive that was easy to do and just made the field trip more effective, efficient and fun for everyone. another incentive was that romeo braught some fruits for everyone to eat it was very nice since it was super hot that day. some things that I would like to do in the future would be the location and materials, first of all location was given to us by bandera azul but the place that we picked the trash from had very large plastics thanks to the tides using them out we where looking for microplastics since that are less noticeable and they affect the environment more, we need to find a better location. and the materials it felt very ironic picking up trash with plastic bags almost ironic so maybe we can think of alternatives that we can use to store the trash instead of plastic bags.

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