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There has been a lot happening with my past project in the recent two weeks basically I’ve completely had to change and completely have to rethink all my ideas since I left my old project behind it hurts me a lot since that project was something I really was into and something that I was really hoping to become a reality but sadly to the circumstances and to some of my teammates it was extremely hard and I had to move on and this is where I am now I’m going to be basically making shelves or just bringing in nice things for the IB Lounge in school and I’m going to be trying to make it look nicer for everyone to enjoy it more for example since our school year trimester is ending in one week I have set up three steps that I want to try to complete by the end of this vacation the first step is changing the walls a bit I bought some paste that you have to put it on the walls that are either cracked or they just have a bad texture And put that all over the front of the IB lounge and try to repaint it secondly I would like to bring in another couch which is basically in my house I just have to set it up and make it look nicer and bring it to school and obviously try to put it in a nice location and lastly which would be incredible if I finish it by the end of vacation My creative project would be some sort of mural or some sort of big graffiti project that I would like to set up inside the IB Lounge just to spice things up a bit and make it a more amusing and less boring place for people to just have fun or study.

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