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This week has been very chill for me when it comes to my IB project firstly I’ve been doing the things I do every week which is clean and re-order and try to keep everything very clean and friendly of course I’ve been working on the couch since that is my main project or the most significant part of my project right now but I’ve also been doing small changes to better our student life, for example, we had a problem that a lot of our classmates like to drink coffee but most of the teachers bring a mug from their house and that becomes very difficult for IB students
So for my IB project, I decided to buy 15 mugs actually we are 14 in my class but an extra one is always good to have if one of them breaks or one of them gets lost so now we have mugs for everyone so it’s just the same of time in the safe of energy from us and also the teachers not having to do you know let us borrow their mugs and things like that some other things I’ve been working on are bringing in the coffee sign actually that I made and lastly it would probably be this is far-fetched but actually bringing in a personal coffee maker for IB students since the coffee that we usually drink from the teacher’s lounge or the main office is always low or out.

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