Journal entry about a certain aspect of my project

Write a journal entry if necessary about a certain aspect of your project.

My CAS project makes me very excited. I certainly feel like we have accomplished more than what we expected. Our project expectations are very high, we really want to make this dream more like a reality. We do this because we feel connected and we love this family. Even though we just ,it feels like we’ve known each other for a very long time. Daisy and her family are very special in our lives. A certain aspect of my project that I’m most happy about is to help this family, and inspire others to do the same. We’ve received many donations such as clothes, money and food. I remember when our CAS project in the beginning was not working, we tried many things but they never fit what we really wanted to do. However, we have this opportunity and we will try our best to accomplish it. But most of all to make someone happy. 

To make this family happy because they deserve it, they’ve been through so much, and their story makes me feel grateful for what I have although a long time ago I was in their position. It’s hard to get out of poverty, but it’s not impossible. We want to be that guidance to them so they can finally make their dreams come true. 

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