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December 1,2022

How does it feel to work with others?

Personally I really enjoy working with others. I feel supported and it’s helpful to know someone else is trying to achieve the same thing you are so there are different perspectives which means more ideas. As myself it pushes me to get my work done and keep going when I don’t feel like it  because they motivate me and help with the project overall. I think it can also be more fun because you get to get stuff done together and spend more time together while getting something done you both want but being able to spend it and spread it with another person. The other person also has different contacts than yourself so bringing those together can help achieve your CAS project or just be helpful and a step forward in general. Having another person can bring many more ideas and also criticize your ideas. Sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective on your ideas to really know if they’re effective or not. When things don’t go the way you planned it having someone that was there for it all can be really helpful and can really help get out of the situation and start up again.


Does my project promote development of my character within myself or my community?

I believe my project can do both. I will create development in my character since I will be able to make mistakes and learn from them and overall practice my communication skills and new/different  skills I need to work on. For the most part it will help with the development of my school by developing a new space to show creativity which will be passed onto developing the community since it is mostly built for outside talents to be able to use this space and bring the community together. It will be a new function in the area bringing the community an effective spot and something new and creative in the area. 


What are the barriers to entry- or the obstacles I need to overcome and how can I use my strengths to overcome these challenges ?

The main obstacle is seeing if this project is easy since we need a lot of donations and fundraisers to be able to collect the amount of money we need. It is hard to know the exact amount we need to collect and how much the school can put in and overall how this project will unfold. We need to figure out if this is still in the school’s plans. We will use our communication skills to talk to the main directors of the school to figure this out. We attempted to do this a couple times before but Mr. Abel wouldn’t show up probably because of all his work so we need to find him and find a time that will work for both of us and make sure it gets done. The strength we need the most for this step is communication.


Who do I have to work with while planning the activity? How do they impact the activity? 

  We need to mostly work with the directors of the school because they have the most information about this project and how it will follow through or if it even will follow through.

They impact immensely in our project since they are the ones that know the financial cost we need and will let us know what we need to get done for this project to work. We need to talk to Tati and Mr. Abel we have already gotten a hold of Tati but our next step is talking to Mr.Abel since he is the head administrator of all this and it would just really help us to see his perspective and expectations towards this CAS project.

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